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Here at RSG PAT Testing we take our job very seriously and safety to our customers is very important to us. We often hear of stories involving Portable Appliance Testing that give professionals in the industry a bad name. So here are a few pointers to be aware of and to look out for when you are choosing a company to do your testing.

As the old saying goes if a price quoted sounds too good to be true then it probably is! Professional PAT Testing engineers invest alot of time and money into their training, test equipment and travel.

Has the engineer opened the plugtop to check the wiring and the fuse rating? Are they carrying extra fuses and plugs?

Has he/she taken time to check the flex of the equipment properly?

Is the engineer qualified? Ask for documentation of qualifications.

Test equipment needs to be calibrated annually, ask for certificates! If the tester the engineer is using is not calibrated the testing he/she is doing is not legal.

Is the engineer CRB checked?

Can the engineer offer you good advice and assess the safety of your staff and equipment competently?

Make sure whoever is carrying out your testing can supply you with good reports and documentation. There are many stories of 'PASS' labels being stuck on equipment but no reports given, without these the testing is useless. Anyone can pick up some labels!

Appliances on fused spurs - have they been labelled as tested? - Whilst it is possible to test these, we would recommend that they be undertaken during a Fixed wiring Inspection. If they have been tested during the PAT Testing, did the engineer ask where the distribution panel was? Did they isolate the power to the fused spur appliance? If not then they haven't been tested properly.

Equipment such as laptops do not require any electrical testing. This type of appliance requires two tests, one for the mains lead and one for the AC adapter. If you have a PASS label on your laptop also then you have probably been charged for 3 tests instead of the required 2.


A donation of 5p will be made to the Keech for every appliance tested.

Although there is a lot of good, professional companies who carry out PAT Testing, there is also a lot of people out to make a quick buck who cut corners. At RSG we know the importance of electrical safety and it should NOT be taken lightly.

Our engineers are fully qualified in Portable Appliance Testing, qualified to the latest 17th edition regulations and CRB checked. So as a customer you can have complete piece of mind.

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